Prodeus, Mike Voeller, Jason Mojica, Doom, Raven Software

If Doom Eternal’s waterfalls of gore haven’t done enough to get you excited for FPS titles in 2020, Prodeus and its new “Blood and Bullets” gameplay trailer might just scratch that itch. Lead developers Mike Voeller and Jason Mojica, who met while working at Raven Software, along with publisher Bounding Box Software Inc. uploaded the game’s new gameplay trailer today, showcasing even more of Prodeus’ nostalgic action.

If you haven’t heard of Prodeus, you can probably accurately expect what the game has to offer by simply watching the trailer above. This once-Kickstarter project doubled its initial funding goal thanks to the promise of old-school graphics with a modern appeal, AAA quality, and, of course, breakneck action. Over-the-top gameplay is king in Prodeus — the game’s Steam page even lists “infinite blood” as an art style feature — so don’t go in expecting a particularly gripping narrative as you take control of a hell-bent, corrupted agent.

Replayability is another key component to what the team offers here, as players will be able to take advantage of a level editor, user generated content, and more support after launch. Along with the developers having some background at Raven Software, avid Doom modder Josh “Dragonfly” O’Sullivan is also attached and working on the game’s level design.

If you want to hear more about the game, go check out OnlySP’s interview where Voeller and Mojica discussed what kinds of weapons to expect, inspirations, and post-launch support.

Prodeus launches later this year for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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