If you’ve been dying to get your hands on more Professor Layton puzzle-solving goodness, Telltale’s Puzzle Agent should scratch that itch.

At a press event this week, adventure game developer Telltale Games unveiled a totally original IP called Puzzle Agent. The game was mysteriously teased on their website, and full details are coming on May 4, but a little bit of info on the puzzle adventure has come out early.

Thanks to 1up, we have a short cinematic showing off the game’s visual style and the main character’s murderous intent towards little freaky gnomes. Puzzle Agent will be the first game in Telltale’s Pilot Program, which is planned to be the depository for original Telltale IP. Until now, Telltale has primarily worked on licensed properties such as Monkey Island and Sam & Max. It may become an episodic series, but only one game is currently in development.

Puzzle Agent is being compared to Professor Layton because it will operate in a similar way. Brain-teasers tied into the story will need to be solved to progress. The game’s “Agent” will be summoned to the city of Skoggins, Minnesota to investigate a mystery, not unlike Mr. Layton.

The game’s art is being done by Graham Annable who is known for his Grickle series. It was not made known if a man in a giant top hat with a dubious young page will point or frown at you depending on whether you answer puzzles correctly or not, but lets hope so.

For now, the first Puzzle Agent game is planned for release in June, with hopefully more games on the way if it does well. It’s being developed for the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and WiiWare according to IGN. With the popularity of Professor Layton, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more games like Puzzle Agent spring up yet, but I’m enthused for this one. That is, if I get to murder that gnome.

Source: 1up

Image via 1up

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