Nintendo has announced the next (and last) Professor Layton title.


Professor Layton will reportedly have his conclusive adventure on the 3DS next year, according to developer Level-5. His final appearance will be in the recently announced Professor Layton Choubunmei to A no Isan, set for a Japanese 3DS launch at some point in 2013.

During a Nintendo Direct video feed on August 29th, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino stated that this will be the Professor’s “last adventure”. Whether this means the end of the character or the series as a whole remains unclear. It’s likely that franchise could live on in spin-off form, much like Phoenix Wright series.

Brief clips of the game were shown, revealing numerous series staples; players can expect branching map paths with lots of puzzles standing in their way. Throughout the demonstration, supernatural occurrences appeared (on-screen, of course), hinting at a mind-bending plot worthy of the series. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll get to see the series signature 2D art style rendered in the 3DS’s stereoscopic vision.

There is no word yet on an English-language release date.

Source: PocketGamer

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