Project Miyamoto: Help Build a Life-Sized Donkey Kong


A group of students at Columbia University is seeking donations to help offset the costs of turning a campus building into a life-sized replica of Donkey Kong.

Behold Alfred J. Lerner Hall, a Columbia University student center that was built in 1999. If it’s ringing any architectural bells for you, there’s a good reason: It bears more than a slight resemblance to girder-and-ladders landscape of Donkey Kong. Students at the school noticed the similarities as well, which inspired them to launch Project Miyamoto, an “epic prank” that will turn the entire front of the building into the famous first level of the arcade classic.

This kind of work doesn’t come cheap, though. The students estimate the various equipment required will cost about 753 bucks plus shipping: $83 for ten cans of orange spray paint, $170 for a full Donkey Kong costume and a whopping $500 for ten 55 gallon plastic drums to throw at passing Italians. The group is also after a “buffer” of $150, “in case of a huge shipping cost.” Any excess funds will be donated to one of the community service groups on the campus.

Pledge amounts run from $1 to to $400 or more and those who contribute to the cause will be rewarded with everything from a black-and-white photo of the event with a “thank you” note written on cheap paper to a DVD with commentary and behind-the-scenes footage, a ten-second spotlight in the credits and even online distribution rights to the video. The project will only go ahead if at least $1000 is pledged by October 2.

Even though it’s unlikely that anybody’s horse will die as a result of these shenanigans, I still think it’s a project worthy of support. As of right now, nine backers have promised a total of $189, so progress is being made but there’s still a long way to go. Interested in ponying up your Friday coffee allowance to help out? Learn more or throw your money into the hat at

via: Kotaku

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