Now, which class shall I play … that Ambassador’s looking pretty good right about now!

Nathan Longest is a prop-making god. Of that there can be no question, and as evidence I submit to you the following exceptionally sweet Team Fortress 2 items. There’s something for almost everyone, from the Sniper’s rifle to the treacherous Spy’s Ambassador. Nor does he stop with just a few pictures; if you want to peek behind the scenes and see how the magic comes together, his blog details exactly how he made that Scattergun look so beautiful.

He first got the Team Fortress 2 bug from a cosplay-happy friend, who wanted the perfect Sniper outfit. That outfit later had its debut at Anime Expo L.A. 2012; there’s a gallery of shots over here. Once the Rifle was complete, he started getting requests for other items, and soon realized he was having too much fun to stop. “Sasha, the Heavy’s Minigun, is on deck,” says Longest, “and I won’t be satisfied until I can arm every class from this game!”

More power to him. Incidentally, if you were wondering whether such items are available for purchase, the answer is a definite yes, but I hope you’ve been paid recently. Even Sasha’s 1.25 calibre cartridges do not come that cheap, but then, at least Longest’s version won’t be nearly as expensive as the original.

Source: HVD Props

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