Activision has confirmed the development of Prototype 2, with a plotline that isn’t what you might have expected.

Players of Activision’s upcoming Prototype 2, officially announced in trailer form at the 2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards, will be murdering their maker as teased, but not necessarily the maker they thought. The hero of the original Prototype might become the villain in the sequel.

The trailer is narrated by Sergeant James Heller, who returns from war to Prototype‘s decimated New York Zero. The plague that tears through the city’s population and changes people into monsters has resulted in the loss of Heller’s family, so he decides to get revenge by killing as many of the transformed as he can.

Something happened to Heller while in NYZ and he was evidently injected with the same virus that transformed Prototype protagonist Alex Mercer into a people-absorbing shapeshifter. According to Heller, the virus was put into Heller by Alex Mercer himself, and now Heller vows to destroy his maker, i.e. Mercer.

The storyline seems like it has the makings of a big misunderstanding, but players will definitely be hunting Mercer for at least a portion of the game, if not all of it. Why Mercer would cause someone else to go through the same tribulations as he hasn’t been revealed.

Prototype 2 resembles the original, but everything looks more detailed from this early trailer. Players will once again wield giant Gatling guns or pick up tanks and whirl them around while taking on the infected. It’ll be out in 2012, so unless Infamous 2, currently set for 2011, gets pushed back maybe it’ll avoid comparison to the similar Sucker Punch series this time.

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