PS2 And PSP Sales Skyrocket


While the PS3 remains in short supply, Sony has announced high sales for both the PS2 and PSP over Thanksgiving weekend.

David Karraker, the head of communications for Sony, claims the top five North American retailers reported a 115 percent rise in PS2 sales over the week of Thanksgiving when compared to the previous week. The PSP has also done well with a 280 percent sales spike.

First-party PS2 game sales also jumped 120 percent while PSP game sales were up 168 percent. How many of these sales were due to PS3 shortages compared to the usual black Friday sales spike remains to be seen. Sony has also avoided giving out actual sales numbers, sticking with percentages instead.

Sony has yet to release any sales figures on the PS3, but they hope to ship 1 million units by the end of the year.

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