PS3 Men Say Games Are Better Than Sex


According to a press release from a specialist PlayStation 3 site, two thirds of PS3 men prefer games to sex.

There comes a time after April Fools day where you just have to remind yourself that the world is actually crazy, and this “survey” tends to confirm it.

The study of 1,130 British men who own a PS3 showed that, given the choice, only 68% would spend a night of passion with their partner rather than a night playing games. Make it new PS3 games though, and that number plummets down to 28%. And these are all men in a relationship.

The main reasons behind this sudden drop was said to be range from “partner being hard to please” through to “not as much fun.”

A similar bias was shown when the same men were asked what they’d do if they were given £50: 41% began lining up their new game purchase while a mere 3% planned to pay off some debt.

Perhaps they should use it to buy a gift for the partner they’re ignoring, instead.

Source: Sourcewire via The Register

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