It looks like the redesigned PS3 – and its lower price point – has been a hit with consumers, as Sony announced that the company had sold one million PS3 Slim units in just three weeks.

Not much to say here: Sony’s internal estimates say that there are one million more PS3s in living rooms than there were when the PS3 Slim launched on September 1st. That’s some very good news for the beleaguered electronics giant, further indicating that the Slim may have been exactly what Sony needed to get back in the game. This news isn’t exactly unexpected, however, seeing as how we had already seen sharp increases in hardware sales for the PS3 (corresponding drops aside).

This of course begs the question: Is this the appeal of the Slim, or the appeal of the $299 price tag? While it’s hard to imagine that a smaller, more efficient console isn’t a draw, I think most people would agree that it’s the price cut that has spurred Sony’s sales and left Microsoft feeling more than a little uncomfortable.

Yesterday, SCEA boss Jack Tretton warned that while increased PS3 sales meant that Sony was back on track to meet their targets of 12 million PS3s sold in 2009, it also meant that there might be console shortages this holiday season. Then again, this is the same Jack Tretton who – once upon a time – said that he would pay $1200 for every PS3 found on store shelves, and we know how that went.

(Via Edge)

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