PS3 To Support Xfire


In a statement made during a conference call, Viacom revealed that the PS3 will support Xfire.

Jim Bombassei, Viacom’s Senior Vice President of Investor Relations, made a brief mention of Xfire and the PS3 among the usual financial discussions of a quarterly report. “Importantly, Xfire just signed a deal with Sony to create a version of their platform for the new PS3, which will now enable Xfire to extend its reach further into the huge console gaming market,” he said.

It is likely that Xfire is now supported by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Tools & Middleware License Program, much like Gamespy is for the PS3. The Sony Online Entertainment studio is creating a framework for the “Playstation Network Platform,” but developers and publishers will be allowed to use their own game hosting solutions. No further details have been released by Xfire or Sony at this time.

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