The PlayStation 3 iteration of Unreal Tournament 3, which was meant to boast extensive modding support and features, shipped without those features fully implemented.

Epic, the game’s publisher, has long touted the advantages offered by modding capabilities that would be available on the PS3 using maps created on the PC.

Explaining the delay, Epic representative Josh Adams said on the company forums:

However, the PS3 mod tools aren’t quite ready yet. We are working through some final legal/release issues.

When it’s ready, you will need to download the latest PC patch and another PS3 Mod Tools “patch” that adds the full PS3 mod support to the PC version.

You will have to cook your mods for the PS3 specifically. You will also need removable media (memory card, USB drive, etc) to transfer the mod from your PC to your PS3.

The post did not elaborate on what legal issues are at play nor did it provide a date for a resolution.

Source: Ars Technica

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