PS4 Boxes in US and Canada Will Have Promo Vouchers


For a limited time, every PS4 box in the US and Canada will include wallet credit for the PlayStation store and two different free trials.

As soon as the clock strikes at midnight on Nov. 15, the many, many PS4s will be released into the wild for those who preordered them in the US and Canada. Each of these boxes will include a $10 Sony Entertainment wallet credit for the PlayStation store, a 30-day free PlayStation Plus membership trial, and a 30-day free Music Unlimited service trial. Sony has not specified how long it will include this voucher other than it is available for “a limited time.”

The $10 credit can be used toward anything in the store, and unless you want a black box just sitting in the living room, you might as well put the credit toward games. The free month of PlayStation Plus means everyone will have access to the Instant Game Collection, which includes shooter Resogun and platform puzzle game Contrast for the PS4 at launch. PlayStation Plus will also be required for online play on the PS4. By offering a free trial, Sony can warm users up to the idea of paying the $50 per year to keep using it. And if you already have a PlayStation Plus membership, the 30-day trial should add 30 days to your current membership.

The 30-day free Music Unlimited service trial is available for new subscribers to the Premium Plan. The difference between the premium and the access plan is that the former has more devices you can use with the service. Sony is pushing this service as the only way to listen to music via the PS4.

Sony has not said anything yet about whether this voucher will also be included with PS4 systems outside the US and Canada.

Source: PlayStation blog

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