PS4/Vita Cross Platform Party Chat Confirmed


SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed Vita and PS4 cross platform party chat in a Tweet.

While Sony has understandably been working hard recently to push the merits of the Playstation 4, the console’s impending launch has given the company an opportunity to try and sell gamers again on the Vita. According to Sony, the Vita will have remote play functionality with nearly every single PS4 title, an arguable selling point if you’re one of the many gamers with only one TV and a pack of annoying screen hogs (a.k.a. family) constantly interrupting your console time.

Now, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, has confirmed that the PS4 and Vita’s cross platform functionality will include cross chat. The confirmation came via Twitter where Yoshida was responding to a fan inquiry. The fan in question, one Ross Hindaugh, asked “If I have a friend playing Vita can I invite him into my party chat on PS4? Cross platform chat?” Yoshida, in a succinct response, said “Yes.”

While most likely not a system selling feature on the Vita’s part, the confirmation of cross chat arguably sweetens the deal for buyers considering the Vita as a companion to the PS4. Even with arguably limited appeal, however, features like this still go a long way toward making the platform more attractive, especially when coupled with its recent price drop.

Source: Twitter

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