PS4’s “First-Of-Its-Kind” Share Play Feature Launching This Fall


Sony has revealed that PS4’s V2.00 update will include Share Play and new YouTube upload features.

If Sony’s GamesCom presentation was any indicator, PlayStation 4 owners are in for some fairly substantial treats in the near future. And while more than a few of these will, of course, come in the way of games, Sony also took time to announce that it will shortly be fulfilling an early promise of the PS4. According to the company, the console’s next update (v2.00) will include Share Play.

For the uninitiated, Share Play will give PS4 players the ability to “invite a friend to join your game- even when they don’t have a copy of it.” The “first-of-its-kind feature” will allow PS4 equipped acquaintances to play with each other in separate locations regardless of whether or not every player owns a copy of the game. Share Play will additionally give players the ability to ask their friends to jump in remotely and take control of a game when they find themselves in a tough spot.

As nifty as that sounds, Sony also confirmed that the v2.00 update will include highly requested upgrades to the console’s Share feature such as the ability to upload game footage directly to YouTube. The company wouldn’t provide any specific launch date for the update, but did confirm that it will be releasing sometime this fall.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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