PSN To Introduce Pre-Loading


PSN users will soon be able to download and install games before they’re released.

Waiting for games to come out is aggravating. Waiting for digital games to download is also aggravating. Having to do one after the other? Super aggravating. That’s practically like living the dark ages, complete with witches and gout. Thankfully, Sony is about to start offering a pre-loading service. Users will be able to pre-order and download games before their official release date so they’re ready to play the moment they’re released. Unfortunately, the service will only available for “certain games,” the first of which will be the PlayStation Move title, Sorcery, which launches next week.

Indeed, now you can wait while you wait. I’ll let someone else whip up the obligatory meme image for that one.

Digital distribution services for the PC have been offering the same service for years now, but given that consoles still mostly rely on the traditional retail delivery model, there’s been little motivation for Sony or Microsoft to implement something similar. The increasing popularity and profitability of digital-only titles – like the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft which shifted over a million copies in five days – seems to be encouraging Sony and Microsoft to play catch-up with platforms like Steam.

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