PSN Web Store Arrives in The U.S.


You can now blow cash on PlayStation content easier than ever before.

As expected, Sony has just launched the Sony Entertainment Network web store (or PSN Store, if you’re stuck in the past like us) in the U.S., allowing customers to purchase content from the comfort of their web browsers. The store offers the same robust selection of content that you’d expect from the console versions, including titles and add-ons for the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP.

After selecting the download you want and completing the purchase, the content is automatically added to your “My Downloads” section of whatever system is appropriate. You can sort by release date, title, system, and a number of other criteria, and there’s also a section for upcoming releases.

It’s somewhat mind boggling that it’s taken this long for Sony to offer a browser-based version of its game marketplace, especially considering Xbox Live has boasted a similar service for some time now. Say what you will about the console versions of Sony’s store, but personally I find the web store infinitely easier to navigate – not to mention the fact that it lends itself to impulse purchases much more than the alternative.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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