PSP Go Will Hold Around 18 Games


The digital-only PSP Go should be able to hold around 17 or 18 games without any extra memory support, according to Sony.

For all the convenience that digital distribution and delivery brings, like any other innovation, it brings a host of annoying inconveniences as well. Any enthusiastic digital purchaser (especially those of you who buy things for the Wii) should be familiar with the aggravating problem of not having enough space for all the games you want to buy and have installed.

Will this still be an issue with Sony’s upcoming all-digital PSP Go handheld and the games consumers will purchase for it off PlayStation Network? I guess that depends on how many games you’ll want. Sony representative Al de Leon says that most PSP titles will weigh in at around “600-800MB” in size, which means that the PSP Go’s 16GB can hold an “average of 17-18 games.”

That’s without adding any extra forms of memory – you can double the Go’s storage if you’re willing to shell out the cash for another memory unit, meaning you could have 34 or so games on the handheld. Also keep in mind that file sizes do vary – they could be relatively small or absolutely huge, like the 1.3GB version of Final Fantasy VII released last week.

Games, however, might not be the only things taking up space on your Go. De Leon revealed to CNET that Sony has reduced the cost of the PSP’s development tools to broaden the range of developers who might use the device. “It will be mostly games, but there’s certainly an opportunity to look at some non-gaming applications,” he said. Check your stocks, read your email and then play some Monster Hunter? Why not!

[Via Joystiq]
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