PSP Vita Will Have One Account Limit

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Sony’s upcoming handheld will only allow users to have one active PSN account at any time on their device.

A recent PSP Vita demonstration held in Osaka, Japan provided more evidence that Sony’s new handheld device may be heading towards a rough launch.

A NeoGAF member attending the event was given a catalog detailing information about the Vita’s features and its upcoming titles. According to the document’s FAQ, however, only one Playstation Network account can be active on a Vita system at any given time. To use a different account, users will “need to format the system to factory settings,” preventing users from sharing their PSP Vita with friends and family with their own user accounts. Both the PlayStation 3 or PSP allow multiple users to share the same system.

This may not seem like a huge deal, but the account limit also ends up region-locking the Vita from some of the content Sony plans to offer through its digital service, such as downloadable games available only to Europe or Asia. Users who were once able to set up multiple PSN accounts to access region-specific content on the PS3 or PSP will more or less be formatting their Vita often if they’d like to use the Vita to the same effect.

Source: Joystiq Via NeoGAF

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