Psycho-Pass “Restarting” with Season 2 in October


In addition to the second season, the original Psycho-Pass will have a “new edit version” of the 2012 anime and the Psycho-Pass movie next winter.

Psycho-Pass 2, the follow-up to 2012 anime Psycho-Pass, will air in October, TV programming block noitaminA and Fuji TV announced in a noitaminA event today. Prior to the second season, a “new edit version” of the original Psycho-Pass anime series will air in July, a Psycho-Pass movie will follow both TV series next winter.

NoitaminA released the first trailer (including spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the first season) for Psycho-Pass 2, but it’s more of a teaser than anything else. Beginning with the end of the first season and rapidly rewinding back through the series’ events, the teaser dubs the new version of the first anime “Project Re:START 02” and the next season to be “Project Re:START 03.”

Psycho-Pass is a 22-episode TV anime series taking place in a dystopia where technology has made it possible to instantly measure a person’s mental state and Crime Coefficient, a likelihood to commit crimes, through a Psycho-Pass. The state uses this to assess people’s career aptitudes, placing Akane Tsunemori into the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division as its newest inspector. The Public Safety Bureau uses guns that can only fire on people with a Crime Coefficient that is too high. The new version of the first TV series will be recut to be 11 one-hour episodes with new footage.

Source: Psycho-Pass official site via Anime News Network

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