PTA And ESRB Form Partnership


The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has kicked off a new initiative to educate parents about game ratings.

Already underway, the new initiative will see 1.3 million brochures delivered to 26,000 PTAs nationwide. Available in both English and Spanish, the brochure explains the ESRB ratings and covers other issues parents should be aware of. The unexpected content online games and mods can bring are discussed, along with parental controls and speaking to your kids about their games.

“Every parent knows how popular video games are these days, but perhaps not as many are familiar with the tools that can help them select games that are appropriate for their children,” said Anna Weselak, PTA national president. “Just as with all media, we urge parents to be as involved and informed as they can. The ESRB ratings are informational and help parents to make sensible video game choices for their families.”

With public praise of the ESRB by Senators Clinton and Lieberman, the game ratings board is making a strong push to avoid government involvement in game ratings.

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