Just when you thought being a member of the Publisher’s Club couldn’t get any better, The Escapist now has an entirely new, entirely awesome promotion for you from Origin PC.

If you’ve been considering the purchase of a new gaming computer, perhaps now would be the time to take advantage of our Publisher’s Club special promotions. Straight from Origin PC comes a deal you don’t want to miss – Free Ground Shipping on all PC or laptop purchases,as well as free Overlocking for Desktops and a free messenger bag with Laptops. The money you would save on shipping alone is well worth being part of the Publisher’s Club.

This promotion is only available to Publisher’s Club members in the US, but folks on the other side of the pond need not worry – we’ve got plenty of promotions for you in the works! If you are already part of The Escapist’s Publisher’s Club, you can find further details on how to claim your discount by going to your Profile and clicking on “Subscription and Benefits” under the Profile Options.

To learn more about what you can expect from becoming part of the Publisher’s Club, including all of the benefits, please click here.

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