Pumped-Up Plants vs. Zombies Coming to XBLA


PopCap has announced that a souped-up version of Plants vs. Zombies is finally coming to Xbox Live Arcade and there’s something pretty sweet on the horizon for PC fans, too.

It looks like we may have miscalled it last week when we made some noise about PopCap’s message from beyond the grave advising people to mark August 2 on the calendar and keep their eyes on San Francisco. The assumption (and hope) was that Plants vs. Zombies 2 would be announced but now it appears that something different, but still very cool, could be in the works: the long-awaited release of Plants vs. Zombies on Xbox Live Arcade.

Expected to come out in early September, Plants vs. Zombies on XBLA will feature a veritable shambling horde of new content, including two new multiplayer modes with competitive and co-op gameplay, 12 Achievements, 21 mini-games and customizable houses to track progress and share with other gamers. Naturally, all 50 levels of the original PvZ adventure mode, featuring the epic struggle between the brain-eating undead hordes and the garden plants who wish they’d just stay off the lawn, will also be included.

Even cooler, later this year PopCap will release a boxed edition of Plants vs. Zombies for the Xbox 360 which will also include the hits Peggle and Zuma and even cooler than that is the upcoming Game of the Year edition of PvZ for the PC and Mac, a “limited number” of which will come with a zombie figurine. A zombie figurine! I am on that like a cheap steel bucket on a putrefying skull! No word on which zombie it will be, but I’d be a happy camper indeed if I had a bungee jumper zombie swinging around from my ceiling.

Plants vs. Zombies for XBLA will be available for 1200 Microsoft points ($15) while the boxed edition with Peggle and Zuma, as well as the Game of the Year edition for PC, will list for $19.99. As for Plants vs. Zombies 2, August 2 isn’t here just yet, so keep your fingers crossed!

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