Don’t swing at the air with just your Wii Controllers, when you can throw punches in style.

So far, boxing on the Wii has been a decent affair, but it lacks a certain something. Players who crave a little more realism with their virtual fisticuffs now have an opportunity to kick things up a few notches, thanks to the Everlast Nintendo Wii Boxing Gloves.

For $30, you can pick up Everlast’s answer to Wii boxing blues. The real, 3.8 ounce training gloves are made with synthetic leather and feature fitted straps to secure the Wii Remote and Nunchuk attachment into player’s right and left hands respectively. The gloves also feature an opening in the bottom to allow easy access to the buttons.

While current boxing game offerings on the Wii give little incentive to spend $30 for a short-lived fix, the upcoming Punch-Out!! remake slated for release in 2009 might just make it worth the expense.

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