Witches and warriors? Bah! The real star of Dragon Age: Origins was the dog.

Chance are, when you think of Dragon Age cosplay, you imagine someone dressing up as the likes of Hawke or Morrigan., but YouTube user “87jynxy” has taken a wider view of the cosplay potential of the series, and has turned her puppy Jasper into the Grey Warden’s trusty Mabari Warhound.

The Warden meets the Mabari in Ostagar, unless he or she is a human noble, in which case he’s at the Warden’s side from the beginning. Jynxy created her video as an entry into BioWare’s recent costume competition. She admits that it’s not cosplay, but it is a costume, so it still counts. On Twitter, BioWare announced that it had won the “most obscure character” category in the contest, which I really hope is a real prize.

As you can see from the video, it’s actually quite an effective “costume,” helped in no small part by the fact that Jasper has just the right color fur. Jynxy stresses that the dye used to transform Jasper into a tough – and adorable – baby Mabari is completely safe, and Jasper seems to be having a whale of a time fighting the plush darkspawn hordes.

Source: BioWare via Kotaku

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