One button press gets you the pizza of your dreams.

In today’s “Why Did It Take So Long For Someone To Create This?” news…

It’s a weeknight. You don’t want to cook, you don’t want to putz around on Eat24, etc. — you just want to sit in your near-complete vegetative state while powering through that last season of Cheers on Netflix.

This is the scenario that Push for Pizza was made for, my friends.

Push for Pizza is a new iOS app that does exactly what it’s name says — you push a button, and your favorite pizza shows up one episode of Say Yes to the Dress later.

There are a few steps in-between for first-time users, naturally. But once you’ve installed the app (iOS only at the moment, I’m afraid), picked your supported pizza shop of choice, and plugged in your to-be-saved credit card number? Pizza will then forever be one app, and one screen tap away.

As far as availability goes, Push For Pizza uses the platform, which then links the app up with sites like While some suburbanites might run into trouble finding linked-up pizza joints, city dwellers should be able to find a respectable pie with ease.

Source: The Verge

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