Limb-modding Quozzle will get a whole new set of Normal levels to go with its Hard mode.

Incredipede, the limb-altering puzzler that urges you to experiment with new life forms, has finally won its coveted Steam Greenlight. It’ll be coming to Steam on March 18th, and it’ll be bringing a host of new levels and other goodness with it.

Normal difficulty – the new stuff – features pre-made Quozzles bouncing, flying, crawling or otherwise navigating Incredipede‘s challenging landscape. The intent is to show off some of Incredipede‘s moves, to inspire players when they hit the Hard mode and have to design their own Quozzles. “I mean, I play the game a lot,” says Incredipede creator Colin Northway, “so I can make things other players wouldn’t think of until they’re, like, 40 hours in. So I’ve got some pretty wacky stuff in there!” Which isn’t to say that you have to play Normal; Northway’s designed it so that hardcore puzzle freaks can leap straight in at Hard, should they choose to do so.

Although Incredipede was one of the first games on Greenlight, it took a while to get noticed. Then Northway’s game was nominated for an IGF Award for its art, and nomination guaranteed a Steam spot. “I ended up contacting Steam and saying, ‘Oh shit, I just got an IGF nomination,'” Northway says. “‘That means I’m on Steam. But I’m also number eight on Greenlight, so if you do a round now, I’m going to take a slot from someone else.'” This wasn’t something Northway wanted, so he made sure to pull Incredipede from Greenlight so someone else could have the slot.

Incredipede features you, as Quozzle, crawling across the landscape trying to find your sisters. The terrain is the real enemy here; you’ll have to modify your limbs, and add useful muscles, to get where you need to be. It’s been available for PC – in its original form – via Northway’s site, but the Steam release is the one that will have the 60 extra Normal levels. Northway’s already thinking about a sequel – “there’s tons of stuff I’d love to add,” he says – but thinking is all it is, for the moment. Right now, he’s more concerned with his Steam release.

“Life is so fundamentally fascinating,” says Northway. “There’s so much variety in it. I just really wanted to make a game about that.” Now he has.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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