Pure Pwnage isn’t just what the Horde do to the Alliance in every Wintergrasp session, it’s also a comedic web show about gamers, by gamers.

Geoff Lapaire stumbled onto comedy gold when he filmed his friend, professional gamer Jarett Cale playing Command Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour. Cale’s exaggerated performance gave rise to an increasingly popular following and spawned some of the best one-liners, including “Boom, Headshot!” In Issue 182, Pat Miller interviews the creators of Pure Pwnage on their start, how they keep ideas coming, and t-shirts:

“The “Jeremy Silhouette,” [shirt] for the record, is a picture of – you guessed it – Jeremy’s silhouette thrusting his hips out into the air – a spiritual predecessor, if you will, to the notorious Halo 2 “teabagging” taunt. This is fairly indicative of Pure Pwnage’s humor. A typical episode usually consists of genuine human drama wrapped up in the cultural trappings of gamer fandom (“The sun burns, Kyle. Kinda like the lava in Metroid.”) and a good chunk of adolescent humor.”

The Guild may have MMO drama covered, but Pure Pwnage covers the rest of the gaming population. Read more about the creation of Pure Pwnage in “Boom, Headshot!” and share your favorite one-liners with us.

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