Toxic games confirms Q.U.B.E is coming to Wii U and hints at a potential Vita port.

The Wii U isn’t exactly rolling in AAA games, but at least it’s relatively well represented on the indie puzzler front. At least, it will be when Toxic Games’ IndieFund-backed puzzler, Q.U.B.E hits both of its screens at some undefined point in the future.

“We are really looking forward to releasing on the console,” said creative director, Jonathan Savery, after tweeting a picture of the game running on the Wii U gamepad. “We heard there aren’t many games available on the console yet so being on there will be a great opportunity to reach the game out to as many people as possible. It’s exciting stuff!”

When asked if Q.U.B.E might see a release on the similarly game-starved PlayStation Vita, the studio’s official twitter response was, “quite possibly!”

Q.U.B.E was already a success on the PC, having made enough to pay back its $80k IndieFund loan in just four days. The game was fun, if a little on the short side, but it suffered from obvious comparisons to Portal, which is superficially resembles. Comparisons to Portal, particularly when it comes to narrative elements, are rarely kind, and Q.U.B.E went on to receive mixed reviews.

Source: Twitter

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