Quantum State Will Innovate in Tabletop RPGs on Kickstarter This Month

Quantum State tabletop game Kickstarter Gigaheart

The passionate storytellers at the company Gigaheart have announced Quantum State, a tabletop role-playing game aiming to innovate in the space when it comes to Kickstarter on May 30, 2023. It seems that a key differentiator will be a “unique hybridization system that simplifies character creation and development while extensively expanding player options,” providing an easy entry point for newcomers and a lot of meat for veterans. The game has many mechanics that Gigaheart has already described in a great amount of depth at its website, and there is also a video version narrated by an only-slightly-creepy machine lady voice.

“Our mission at Gigaheart is to push the boundaries of imagination and technology in tabletop gaming,” said JC Kohl, Gigaheart president and creator of the game in question. “With Quantum State, we’re introducing a game that streamlines the complexities of role-playing and brings a new level of accessibility and immersion to the table. We’re ecstatic to bring our vision to life through Kickstarter.”

The aim of the Quantum State Kickstarter is to fund its actual production as the tabletop game enters the final stages of development, and when the campaign goes live, there will be assorted backer rewards like early access. If that sounds like a good time to you, give their website a scan or check out the video ahead of the Kickstarter launch on May 30.

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