Name That Anime Quiz 3x3

While there are a lot of great reasons for why anime attracts such a large following, for me I attribute a lot of the success on the sheer variety of what’s on offer. Other visual mediums have started to catch up, but anime has embraced a huge range of genres, settings, and story telling. For instance, it wasn’t until computer rendering reached a certain level for us to get something like Pacific Rim out of traditional film making, but anime has had awesome shows about giant robots punching the crap out of things for decades. Anime allowed an early avenue to explore people and places we otherwise might not be able to see.

In the spirit of the eclectic nature of anime, your task is pretty simple. Can you name these shows based on nothing but some simple, albeit exaggerated, plot synopsis? And as I’m sure some of the hardcore fans will find this “too easy” feel free to sound off in the comments with your own and see if you can stump anyone.

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