Radioactive Bail Jumper Is Still Dangerous


A judge has warned that a man who jumped bail and fled to Ireland is actually radioactive, and should not be approached for the next 3 weeks.

Thomas Leopold, a college principal in Hammersmith, London, was up on charges for possession of child pornography. Bad, certainly.Even worse is that Leopold was being given “large doses of radiotherapy treatment for a thyroid condition”, which effectively makes him dangerously radioactive for 6 weeks after his treatment. His last burst was on the 3rd of Feburary, which means that he’s still potentially dangerous until March 17th .

Presiding at Southwark Crown Court, London, Judge John Price issued a warrant for Leopold’s arrest, and cautioned, “Please warn officers that when he is arrested he might be radioactive. This is not a joke.”

Leopold managed to escape on the 5th Feburary by convincing his bail officer that he was allowed to visit his mother in Ireland. He hasn’t been seen since boarding the Fishguard ferry.

Source: The Register

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