Pre-order versions of Prototype 2 include a one-use only code to unlock various challenges, themes, and behind-the-scenes content.

With online passes and day-one DLC, game developers are constantly looking for new ways to encourage players to purchase games brand new. In an attempt to encourage launch-day purchases of their upcoming action game Prototype 2, Activision and Radical Entertainment have announced the extra-laden “Radnet Edition” of the game, available for players who drop a few dollars on a pre-order.

“[The Radnet Edition] is our way of rewarding the game’s most loyal supporters – the early adopters, the ones who will replay it over and over again”. Radical Entertainment studio head Ken Rosman said of the Radnet Edition. “We think this is great because we’re giving our fans hours of additional gameplay outside Prototype 2’s main narrative, and cool rewards.”

Over a period of seven weeks from the game’s launch, launch-day buyers of the Radnet edition will gain access to in-game events, challenges, and online-leaderboards along with behind the scenes videos, Xbox Live Avatar items and PS3 themes. Additionally, the Radnet edition will introduce optional “mutations” to the main campaign, giving players the ability to throw a few extra tweaks into the single-player campaign. Radical also hinted that players who complete all of the extras will unlock a special “Shape-shifting” reward, but are keeping quiet as to what that might be.

Prototype 2 arrives in North America on the 24th of April for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and will release in Europe shortly afterwards on the 27th.

Source: Eurogamer

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