Rage Dev Diary Discusses id’s Legacy


id Software defined the first-person shooter, and it’s hoping to hit another breakthrough with this year’s Rage.

id Software hasn’t been doing much lately, but it has a major game right around the corner: Rage, a post-apocalyptic FPS that one imagines looked way more original when proposed in a world before Fallout 3 and Borderlands.

For all its lack of recent releases, however, id has a very storied history when it comes to the shooter genre. It was the company that practically created the FPS with Wolfenstein 3D, and no-one can say that it didn’t singlehandedly popularize it with Doom – to the point where FPS titles were called “Doom clones” for years.

This dev diary discusses the history and legacy of id Software, and it’s a fun four-minutes-and-change to watch, particularly if you’re looking forward to Rage and John Carmack’s idTech 5 engine. Man, even just watching a video with John Carmack in it makes me feel dumber by comparison. The dude is just that damn smart.

He’s not a genuine rocket scientist for nothing, after all.

(Via VG247)

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