Id said that Rage plans to offer the ability to craft engineering items and weapons through purchased recipes and rewards.

Rage is the first shooter based on new IP from Id since Quake. While it’s been known that Id was planning for Rage to have RPG elements, Tim Willits revealed in an interview at NowGamer what those elements might be. Willits, Creative Director at Id, said that recipes will be awarded for completing portions of the game and that stores will exist for players to purchase the materials needed to craft items from those recipes. Rage has no official release date yet but it is slated for 2010.

Willits had this to say about the guns and other items available for purchase in the game, “Rage has an economy where you are allowed to choose how you spend your money earned through combat and racing. You might decide you love the wingstick (a boomerang-cum-shuriken weapon) and stock up on them, or you may feel inclined to purchase parts to build more sentry bots or to keep your armour upgraded and repaired.” I have to say that the phrase, “boomerang-cum-shuriken” has me raising my eyebrows.

As for the crafting, Willits said, “Through your relationships with characters in the game, you earn recipes over time. Then you buy, loot, or receive as rewards the different ingredients that each recipe calls for. We then teach the player how to use these items in appropriate areas. Engineering items should become a great player choice mechanic, allowing for varied player experiences.”

While the post-apocalyptic setting feels anything but fresh, Rage is trying to break new ground for Id. Largely responsible for creating the FPS genre, Id is now free to play with that formula by adding RPG and racing game elements.

I just hope that all those RPG and racing game spices don’t mess up the shooter stew, so to speak. Ugh, that’s an awful metaphor…

Source: NowGamer

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