Raised By Wolves Season 2 Release Date February 3, 2022

Ridley Scott’s HBO Max series Raised by Wolves might be the best sleeper sci-fi hit out there (no offense to The Expanse). The show didn’t garner that much attention but has built a decent following since its first season released, and now we know when we’ll be able to find out just what happened to Mother and Father and the children as they struggle to survive on a dangerous planet. Raised by Wolves season 2 will premiere with a release date of February 3, 2022.

The series focuses on two androids who have been sent to a planet they believed was uninhabited to raise six children in order to help repopulate the human race. However, the planet was not as empty as they thought: Not only do monsters attack, but people who can change their faces and a religious cult are also after the children. The first season of Raised by Wolves was full of surprises as the story unfolded, and in season 2, things will get even more twisted as Mother and Father bring the children to a new atheistic colony in Kepler-22b’s mysterious tropical zone. There is still trouble brewing though with Mother’s “natural child” as it continues to try to destroy all of humanity.

The HBO Max show stars Amanda Collin, Abubakar Salim, Travis Fimmel, and Niamh Algar. While the series was created by Aaron Guzikowski, it’s Ridley Scott’s name that is all over it as he is the producer. The prolific producer/director probably needs to remind people that he can still make successful content after Millennials ruined The Last Duel and House of Gucci was basically torn apart by everyone.

The release date of Raised by Wolves season 2 is only a couple months away now.

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