Ever wondered what Kirby was originally going to be called, or what Nintendo of America thought about the name Wii? Well, now you can find out.

Speaking at the Digital Contents Expo, the same place the VR Buggy came from, Shigeru Miyamoto delivered a keynote speech that let us in to a load of interesting Nintendo trivia.

Amongst the ‘revelations’ were such gems as the fact that Kirby’s original name was “Tinkle Popo” or that – surprise, surprise – Nintendo America and Nintendo Europe weren’t all that keen on the name Wii. All the same, it’s interesting to hear him say that the GameCube controller was a “little failure”, or how Nintendo initially opposed the creation of Legend of Zelda.

You can read it all for yourself here, provided you can read Japanese that is.

Source: WiiNintendo

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