Insomniac’s new game is like a sci-fi Pokemon.

Though an independent studio, Insomniac is best known by gamers for its close relationship with Sony that brought us popular PlayStation-exclusive franchises like Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, and Resistance. In recent years, Insomniac has gone multiplatform, revealing Overstrike at last years’ E3. Its newest project, though, isn’t on any traditional gaming platform at all.

Outernauts will be Insomniac’s first foray into the world of social gaming on Facebook. The game will put players into the role of one of United Earth’s elite Outernauts, a group of adventurers tasked with exploring the galaxy and encountering strange new alien species in equally strange new worlds.

Players must catch these alien monsters and train them to do battle, which makes this sound more than a little like a sci-fi social game version of Pokemon. I’m okay with that, actually.

“We see a huge opportunity to reach an entirely different audience of gamers through Facebook,” said Ted Price, President and Founder of Insomniac Games in the official Outernauts reveal. “As we have demonstrated for nearly twenty years in the console games space, we’re confident we can help evolve the definition of a game experience on Facebook. With Outernauts, we are delivering a deep story with real RPG strategy, coupled with Insomniac’s signature sense of humor.”

Tell you what, Insomniac – as long as you don’t go the Smurfberries route, we’re cool.

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