Razer’s Tron Mouse is a Mini Lightcycle


If you’ve ever wanted to pilot a lightcycle from Tron, then Razer is putting you in a (miniature) driver’s seat with its new mouse.

Remember how, over the summer, Disney revealed that it was going to release a slew of merchandise tied to its upcoming film, Tron: Legacy? Some of the stuff looked pretty cool (like the iPod player shaped like a combat disc), some of it looked creepy (like the hologram action figures), and some of it just looked kind of mediocre (like the mouse from Razer). Razer, however, has released some footage of the mouse that makes it actually look pretty cool: It leaves light trails in the same way the movie’s lightcycles do.

Of course, you can’t get into fierce combat races to the death with this setup, but it’s certainly cool to look at. The mouse sounds like a pretty high-end mouse, overall, boasting a 5600 dpi optical sensor and wireless connectivity.

According to Razer’s official product page, the mouse will also feature “unique light and sound effects straight from the movie. Let the mouse react to your actions on the Game Grid with authentic light alerts.” No official price has been announced for the mouse/pad combo, though other sites are listing it at $99. I’m not sure I’d want to spend that much money on any kind of mouse, though I do have a birthday coming up …


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