“Real” Dead Space Plasma Cutter Starts Actual Fires

A “laser weapons hobbyist” has built a full-scale replica of the Dead Space plasma cutter that packs enough punch to burn wood, melt plastic and ruin your day.

I had no idea that “laser weapons hobbyist” was even a thing, and now that I do I kind of want to be one. Alas, all I know about lasers is that you’re not supposed to shoot them into your eye and I can barely even plug a soldering iron in without starting a small fire, so this sort of creation is well and forever beyond my reach – which given its destructive potential is probably good for everyone.

Patrick Priebe’s DIY plasma cutter won’t actually slice limbs off of Necromorphs (or anything else, for that matter) but it will burn wood with a quickness that verges on alarming thanks to a pair of 1500-milliwatt blue lasers. Three 30-watt green lasers make it sexy and the head even swivels, just like the not-real thing, to facilitate both vertical and horizontal pyromania. It’s powered by four lithium ion batteries, weighs just under 4.5 pounds and took a whopping 200 hours to build.

And it can be yours! The builder says he won’t release the plans for the device or provide any tutorials, but he will sell the original if he gets the right offer. What that offer might be, he does not say, but as usual I suspect that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

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