Meet Phoenix Jones, Seattle’s most famous superhero.

People operating as superheroes in the real world have been making headlines over the past year, but this story takes the cake. Up in Seattle, a local costumed crime fighter thwarted a car theft and suddenly wound up on the news.

Phoenix Jones, the black-and-gold wearing Seattle superhero, came across a would-be thief trying to break into the car of a local man who is only identified as “Dan.” Jones proceeded to chase the criminal away, but didn’t stick around for Dan to thank him. When Dan contacted the local news, reporters knew exactly who the vigilante was and brought the two men together; Jones showed off his non-lethal crime fighting equipment, his armor, and chatted with him. The news crew even showed how he keeps a secret lair in a comic shop.

This isn’t the first time that Phoenix Jones (or his “Rain City Superhero squad”) have gained fame and/or notoriety. Back in November, a reporter for tracked the man down after discovering a police report mentioning him.

Sounds like Seattle PD needs to start up its own version of the Special Crimes Unit to help out with all the superheroes operating inside city borders.

Source: io9

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