A tailor shop is handcrafting the custom costumes of DC Universe Online players so they can wear them in the real world too.

A tailor shop currently operating in Madrid, Spain isn’t your typical operation. Instead of altering tuxedos and dresses so that people can attend fancy parties, it’s creating superhero costumes so DC Universe Online players can fight crime in real life, just as they would in the game, without having their identities exposed.

Mr. Lee’s Tailor Shop, likely named after comic book superstar and current co-publisher of DC Comics Jim Lee, will take any player’s costume from DC Universe Online and bring it to life. The costumes are handmade with “exclusive materials,” and Mr. Lee’s promises to respect the secret identities of all customers.

The costumes are said to cost around $600, which isn’t a bad deal if you’re looking to take your life of crime fighting out of DC Universe Online and into the streets. The only Mr. Lee’s in the world is currently in Spain, but this video hints that more shops could open up in other regions. I can’t imagine how strange it is for nearby businesses to see costumed heroes constantly wandering in and out of this place.

Source: YouTube, via Comics Alliance

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