Fending off twelve waves of zombies with just a pistol is pretty impressive. Ultimately fatal, but still pretty impressive.

A group of Call of Duty fans have put together a short fan film, based on the “Nazi Zombie” mode from Treyarch’s last two Call of Duty titles. As you might expect from a game that involves an endless stream of undead fascists, it does not end in smiles and kittens.

The video is the work of Logan Fulton and his friends, who got together and directed, filmed and starred in the short film. Fulton also gave all the zombies glowing yellow eyes and added HUD elements, like the round counter in the bottom left corner, to give it that extra air of authenticity. Admittedly, the zombies look more like janitors than Nazis, but it’s actually a fairly minor detail. After all, the fact that they’re zombies is more important than their political views and opinions on race.

Fulton has a number of other videos on his YouTube channel, and he seems to have either a significant arsenal of prop weapons, or just a significant arsenal. With that in mind, it would have been nice to see a little more variation in the Nazi Zombie’s video, but it’s still good without it. It’s also surprisingly light on gore, but that also isn’t really a deal breaker.

Source: Kotaku

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