Realistic GTA Cop Car Mod Irks D.C. Police


Wahington D.C. police have requested that YouTube remove gameplay videos of a GTA:San Andreas mod that depicts realistic squad cars from the precinct.

The video in question features a modder’s realistic re-skins for police cars in the game, replacing their fictional paint jobs with true to life ones from D.C. area police precincts. Police vehicles from Prince William County, Montgomery County, and Fairfax County are represented.

With the country still recovering from the recent rash of police homicides it’s no wonder the D.C. police have suddenly taken offense to the five month old video. Spokesperson Don Gotthard said: “The Fairfax County Police Department finds the videos in very poor taste, one of the reasons we find it in poor taste is because of the way the officers are depicted.” Near the end of the video, a re-skinned character resembling a police officer opens fire into a group of pedestrians.

YouTube has not yet responded to the Fairfax County Police Department’s request to remove the videos in question.

While certainly tasteless and ultimately pointless, the mod is a product of a lone individual tinkering with the game’s code and serves little purpose other than to fuel the fire of anti-videogame proponents. Whether the video is actually viable for removal from the site seems a little fuzzy, as it does not appear to directly violate any of YouTube’s user guidelines.

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