Rebecca is a lovely, inspired artist and we are very pleased to publish her on our site. The demanding schedule of writing and producing a song every-other week has made it difficult for her to fully explore her talent, and after a year of bi-weekly updates we wanted to afford her the opportunity to continue to grow as an artist while still appearing on The Escapist.

In many ways, this is great news! Rebecca will continue to appear on our site, but the songs and videos will be more polished, and she will be creating non-gaming content on her own–content that many people have requested and now will be able to enjoy.

We know Rebecca is at the beginning of a long, amazing career and we support her. Sad as we are to not have her all to ourselves, we know this is a positive change for her.

Be sure to check out Rebecca Mayes Muses, now monthly, only at The Escapist!

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