recently my sister is unusual

In Recently, My Sister is Unusual a spirit forces a young girl to engage in “lovey-dovey” activities with her stepbrother.

After a debate by the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) in Japan, the broadcast schedule of Recently, My Sister is Unusual will move to a later time slot due to viewer concern over heavy sexual content.

Recently, My Sister is Unusual, which began airing this January, was one of the titles discussed for evaluation at a BPO Youth Committee. The committee reported receiving several concerns regarding the anime because it “included many sexual materials including masturbation by a female high school student in the time slot that many teenagers could be viewing programming.” The committee viewed the anime and made its evaluation. Shortly after, the anime’s official website reported that starting with the fifth episode of Recently, My Sister is Unusual, the show will move from its 10:30 p.m. broadcast. It will air on Tuesdays at 25:30 (Wednesdays at 1:30 a.m.) on Tokyo MX and on Saturdays at 26:00 (Sundays at 2 a.m.) on Sun TV.

The obsession with sisters is a selling point of the series. In the story, Mitsuki Kanzaki gets a stepbrother when her mother remarries. Mitsuki is left alone with her stepbrother Yuuya after her stepfather is transferred overseas for work, and her mother follows him there. Mitsuki is clearly uncomfortable with her new family until one day a spirit named Hiyori who loves Yuuya possesses Mitsuki and begins making sexual advancements toward Yuuya as Mitsuki. The first episode begins with Yuuya walking in on Mitsuki in her room, a history lesson on sisters, and Yuuya’s classmate drooling over the idea of having a cute sister. Furthermore, Hiyori places a chastity belt on Mitsuki that fills up when she experiences sexual feelings.

Reactions to the time slot change ranged from “Staff knew this was coming and this is absolutely inappropriate. Should have aired after midnight from the beginning anyway” to “Recently, our TV censorship is unusual.”

Source: BPO (Japanese), Recently, My Sister is Unusual official site (Japanese) via CrunchyRoll

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