The developers behind the first-person multiplayer title Red Orchestra have decided to tap into Valve’s developer toolkit, Steamworks.

Valve describes Steamworks as “a complete suite of publishing and development tools available free of charge to game developers and publishers” designed to complement the online Steam storefront.

Tripwire Interactive, which produced the 2006 WWII-based shooter, updated its game to include some of Steamworks’ offerings, including online matchmaking, browser integration, a join-game functionality for listed friends, and player and server statistics.

Adding support for Steamworks was an easy decision for Tripwire,” said John Gibson, president of Tripwire Interactive. “The work to add this collection of services was minimal and will have a big impact for our fans. The matchmaking abilities added today will make it much easier for RO players to find matches. And leveraging the Steam Server Browser saves Tripwire time and money over the long haul, allowing us to invest more in gameplay and less in supporting services.”

The update will apply automatically to both retail and online versions of Red Orchestra through Steamworks’ auto-updating.

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