Halo: Reach will see players returning to a hugely-expanded version of Halo‘s iconic Blood Gulch map for multiplayer, and the cast of Red vs. Blue is coming along for the ride.

Everybody had their favorite multiplayer maps in the Halo series, but without a doubt the most iconic of them was Halo‘s Blood Gulch. Not only was Blood Gulch huge and perfectly suited for CTF, it was also one of the only maps that showed off all of Halo‘s various combat vehicles – which, you may remember, were a pretty big deal at the time.

It was also notable as the setting of Rooster Teeth’s popular Red vs. Blue machinima series, which makes this particular announcement especially effective: As Halo: Reach concludes Bungie’s tenure on the Halo franchise by going back to the series’ origins, the Red vs. Blue cast is inviting everybody to return to the “new” Blood Gulch.

And when I say “new,” I mean “new, and much, much bigger.” Not only will the Reach Blood Gulch preserve the canyon battleground as most people remember it down to the details, but the map has been expanded to include the area outside of the canyon. Which means that this is likely going to be one of the most popular maps – if not the most popular – for large-scale multiplayer mayhem.

Honestly, I’m excited. Not only do I love RvB, but I have some very fond memories of 4-player Blood Gulch splitscreen in the original Halo. Good times, good times.

Happy Bungie Day, everyone.

(Thanks, Alai!)

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