Reddit User Leaks Destiny Beta Details

Bungie teases that the Beta will be “bigger and better than the Alpha”.

Reddit user zebruh posted an excerpt from press letters sent to GameStop managers revealing several new details about the upcoming Destiny Beta.

In the excerpt, it is stated that the beta will include four story chapters, four competitive Crucible maps, and a cooperative Strike. “We’re really excited – Beta is even bigger and better than the Alpha,” claims the letter.

On their website, Bungie has already begun to allow users the chance to select what console and region they wish to play the Beta on- granted they have already entered their codes acquired when they pre-ordered the game.

The Beta will be released on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on July 17, with Xbox 360 and Xbox One players falling in behind on July 23.

Will you be playing the Beta on Playstation or Xbox? Sound off in the comments!

Destiny Leak

Source: Reddit

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