Redesigned Vita Heading to Japan


Sony has revealed a new take on the Vita that’s lighter, thinner and will come in six colors.

The past few weeks have been pretty big for the Vita. At Gamescom, the long languishing handheld received an arguably crucial price drop that saw the cost of both the Vita and its proprietary memory cards lowered. Now, with the Tokyo Game Show approaching, Sony has made a bevy of new announcements, among which is the reveal of a new Vita model designed to be lighter, smaller and more affordable.

According to Sony, the new Vita will be 15 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than the current design. It also swap out the Vita’s pricey OLED screen for a cheaper 5-inch LCD display. The new model will also come with 1GB of internal memory built into it which, considering the size of some Vita titles, isn’t much, but is still better than the current zilch included with the original Vita design. The redesign will also come in six colors: black, white, yellow, grey, blue and pink.

All of this said, there was a fairly big bit of information left out of the pre-TGS announcement: a western release date. While the new version of the Vita has been confirmed for an October 10th launch in Japan, there has been no word on when it will be landing in North America and other territories. The Vita redesign will be priced at 18,980 yen, which is equal to about $190.

Source: Polygon

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