In an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime indicated when we’ll see the 3DS in North America.

Reggie Fils-Aime was on the Jimmy Fallon show this week to promote the Nintendo Wii’s upcoming Donkey Kong Country Returns when he let the release window for the 3DS slip. Sorry guys and girls, we won’t be experiencing eye-popping Zelda, Starfox, Metal Gear Solid, Nintendogs + Cats, Mario Kart, or Resident Evil in 2010.

While Fallon was shooting peanuts and getting Diddy Kong’s head bashed in, he said that the Nintendo DS was his “favorite system out there” and expressed interest in the 3DS. Fallon asked when it was coming out, and Fils-Aime replied: “It’s coming out next year.” The comment was made somewhat in passing, so there isn’t an indication if this means it’ll be out next year in North America only or if Japan will be lucky enough to see it this holiday season. Considering how shows like Fallon’s are rehearsed, it was probably planned, but either way now we know when to generally expect the system.

Fils-Aime then whipped out a 3DS and got in a nice jab at Sony, saying he knew Fallon “did a little 3D yesterday,” referring to a 3D demo of Killzone 3 featured the night before. “With this 3D no glasses are required,” Fils-Aime joked. “You don’t need to look funky wearing those glasses, you don’t need the big expensive TV… everything is right here.” If you watch the video of the Killzone 3 demo, Fils-Aime might have missed how Fallon nearly messed himself, but hey that’s what these guys do.

Fallon also really loved the 3DS, saying: “Oh my gosh, you’ve done it! Of course Nintendo would do it!” I hope to have the same reaction when I get my hands on a 3DS in 2011.

Via: VG247

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